My Dragon Ball Super Wishlist (constantly updated)

  • Plot post 28th Tournament 
  • Bra + Pan antics
    • Super Saiyan girls
  • Uub training with Goku
    • Uub actually starts to take the torch
  • New cast from another universe  ✔
  • Teen Trunks and Teen Goten
  • Taller Marron, for kami’s sake!
  • Adult Goku with a Saiyan tail.
  • Shirtless Goku  
  • Shirtless Vegeta  
  • Alternate version of the main cast from other universes /✔/
    • Princess Vegeta – Universe 6
    • The Saiyajin race has not been destroyed in Universe 6
  • Goku and Co. visit another universe ✔
  • How Vegeta became a SSj God himself
  • Goku and Vegeta learning to live together while training with Whis
  • FemWhis actually fights and is as strong as Whis✔
  • Goten and Trunks finally hit puberty
  • Time Skip to EoZ
  • More female fighters
  • Tarble/Gure
  • Flashback of Gine/Bardock
  • Jaco and the Galactic Patrol ✔
  • Videl getting more than just being a housewife ✖

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