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The Oregon Trail

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The title might now ring a bell for my fellow Mexican friends but this old game was a classic. I had the opportunity of playing it on the Virtual Apple 2. Is really, really hard the first time if you don’t have any guide to help you start. I died several times, but I finally made my way to Oregon.

Why I am talking about this? Well, a couple of days a ago there was a review of an Oregon Trail Facebook version. I went to play it as soon as I got back home. Even if the review was right on the bad things about the game (lots of lag) the part of people getting sick was almost the same than the old game. Actually, I got to Oregon in the first try with plenty of time.

Oregon trail on facebookIs the type of game where you just make some decisions and let the game take its course. There is a puzzle mini-game where you need to repair your wagon, a hunting game and a random gift search.  You go picking up gold nuggets along the way and hope that Timmy doesn’t get cholera. :P

Once finished, you get some extra cash and the opportunity to start again with better equipment and higher energy/stamina. I had gone through almost half of the second try in less than two hours. Check the game’s forum for guidance!

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