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Sun, Beaches and Zombies! Safeposts for a Zombie Apocalypse on Mexico!

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So, let’s imagine you are on vacation on Mexico. You are chilling out in a beach, drinking a Margarita and enjoying every second of it. You are listening to music in your ipod and then for one reason or the other decide you want to check your Facebook page or your Twitter to tell your friends what amazing time you are having. You go back to the hotel lobby to get some signal and suddenly you read terrible, terrible news on your feed. “ZOMG ZOMBIES ARE REAL! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!1”. You think, this can’t be real. But you check the online news and suddenly they are talking about a pandemic somewhere… and they are not saying of what and asking everyone to calm down.


Fear not my friend. You are in what could be the best place to survive a Zombie Apocapylse! Why is that? Well, more likely than not you are in the white sand beaches in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, or maybe in Puerto Vallarta or having a weekend in Los Cabos.


If you are in Cancun, you just hit the jackpot, buddy! Let’s also imagine you have 3 days until the place is infected. All the airports are closed to avoid spreading the disease so it will have to get here by people on the road. Which means, you have GTFO of mainland. Your main goal will be to avoid dense population spots like a plague…

While most other fellow tourists will be trying to get back home where the zombies are, you know better and will stay where you are. First of all, the Hotel Zone in Cancun is actually a long island. Someone will have to block the two bridges leading in and out the ZH. This would be a preventive measure to keep as many people as safe as possible. Second, if there’s still a relative peace, buy a sail boat or steal one. Why? If things get too ugly, you’ll have an escape vehicle powered by the wind. If there’s nothing else, take a yacht and stock fuel, you’ll most likely need it.

Inside the Hotel Zone there are 2 further safespots. Here and Here . These are small islots with one bridge that can be easily blocked. The second one is also divided with several other bridges and one section can be blocked so you fall back to a safer position, in addition, this place close to an open sky shopping mall called “La Isla” (the island) with some other bridges leading into it. Stay there until you have a better understanding on how the infection is spreading, how fast, where the breakout started and what type of zombie are they (if they are “rage zombies” leave immediately, now!). If there’s rain, make sure to save as much water as you can as you’ll have a hard time find fresh water in this area. Start taking food to your sailboat, get whatever tools and weapons you can get your hands on, and be sure to get plenty of water and fishing equipment. Of course you will need someone to navigate the boat if you don’t know how.

If the Hotel Zone is compromised leave immediately with very little people. Just bring your family and people you can rely on, otherwise the next step will be very very hard. Once in the boat, your first destination will be Isla Mujeres . Isla Mujeres is a small island in front of Cancun with about 11,000 habitants. Get to the northwestern part. This is the most defensible spot. Block this part with cars and trucks . This is the narrowest spot of the island and there will be plenty of places to live if you make a good job with it. In any case, the Avalon Reef Club at the northern part would be a good last stand in the island. Note that you musn’t take your stuff from the sailboat because you don’t know if the island will be overrun. If this is the case, hop on and sail north…

…to Isla Contoy . This is an uninhabited Natural Reserve full of birds. There are some buildings for a museum on the southern part and administrative offices and shacks on the northern side. If you are lucky, you would be the first one to arrive. There’s also a lighthouse. This is a great spot as there’s plenty of fish and birds to eat. There is a small lagoon too but I’m almost positive the water is salty. If you feel this is not a good place for you then sail and follow the shoreline until you get… here…

Holbox is a very small village separated from mainland by two rivers and a dense jungle. Holbox has a population of a little more of 1000 people. It can only be accessed by boat. As far as I know, Holbox is almost self-sufficient and the locals will most likely know where to find fresh water spots. Holbox is a great place to stay because there’s really very little people on this side of the state. If zombies roam the jungle, they will never make it out. They’ll get stuck, eaten by crocodiles or simple fall into cenotes. God bless those holes.

If you are still in the need of another place to stay, your next option would be… here , between Nichili and Rio Largartos. There are two canals cutting the area and is mostly empty. Water might be an issue here.

Now, there’s also the option of going down south from Isla Mujeres. Just keep going south along the shoreline until you get here . This is Puna Allen, a very small village of barely 300 habitants. The only road should be blocked around here .

Going further south you’ll find Bacalar Chico and San Pedro town (Belize) in an island. That should be your last chance in the category of places in the middle of nowhere to stay away from the zombies. It should take you a day or less to get from cancun to Holbox and less than 3 days from Cancún to San Pedro Town. I actually made the trip to the area in front of Holbox in about an hour in a motorboat but I’m taking in consideration adverse climate.

Puerto Vallarta

If you are in Puerto Vallarta or somewhere on the side of the Pacific Ocean, things might get complicated. You should get the sailboat, supplies and fishing equipment and go here . These are the “Islas Marías” (Marys Islands). The problem with this one will be that the place is a Prison Colony. On the upside, there’ll be marine infantry capable of fighting off a bunch of zombies.

Baja California Sur – Los Cabos

There are several islands around Baja California, especially in the Gulf of Cortez side. The problem here is the extreme climate. You’ll have to be very picky with water.

That’s all I have for the moment. :P

Do you know of any safespots where you live? Share it in the comments!

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