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Dragon Age 2 Demo!!

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I’m downloading the demo for PS3 right now! I can’t wait to try it!! :D I’ll update this when I finish playing.



Woah. The first part of the game was just awesome. The narrative is impressive and the only thing I have to “complain” is the voice of female Hawke. IMO she sounds a little like Morrigan and I was expecting something a little different, but hey, that’s fine.  Also I think the second part of the Demo was a little too much. It wasn’t necessary but they put it there anyway.

I have a thing for mages so I started as one. The fight with the Ogre was…. interesting, to say the least. They killed all my party and I found myself running away in circles from the darkspawn and the ogre and just stopping to casts fireballs at them. It took me about 5-10 minutes but I did it.

Overall, I think I’ll be glad with the final result. :)




  1. Me too! It’s takin forever on my ps3 :(

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