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Sushi in Cancún

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Well, a couple of weeks ago I went for our anniversary  to have a nice Sushi dinner in Irori (here for the map). This is a hidden gem in Cancún and one that you should not miss if you feel on having traditional Japanese food!  The place is actually a little hidden in a small street. You can ask the cab driver to take you to “Hospital Americano”, which is a hospital at the end of that street.

We went there because my boyfriend loved the Kanimaki Roll and I also wanted to try other Japanese dishes. We were lucky as Tuesday is BUFFET TIME! Om-nom-nom!! For 300 pesos (about 25 dollars) you can eat anything from their “Buffet Menu”. You can order anything there as long as you finish your previous dish.  You have 2 hours, so you can lay back and chat while you get more space and order MOAR. ;)

That was my big mistake.

It had been almost years since I had a good old Yakimeshi and I asked the waiter how big was the serving as I wanted to try plenty of the options available. “A small bowl”, he said. It was indeed a small bowl, as I soon learned the regulars were “generous”…normally, I would have been satisfied with only that. I cursed myself but I went ahead and ate the whole thing. It was certainly good, I can’t deny that.

Then the nigiris started rolling.

Shrimp, salmon, egg, tsurimi… they were all delicious, although I would have loved more the shrimp nigiri without wasabi. I also ordered the California roll and the Mexico roll. Once I felt I had eaten the equivalent of 25 dollars of sushi, I felt satisfied!

If I had not eaten the Yakimeshi, those poor cooks! I would have ordered plenty of  kushiages or yakitoris. There was also Teriyaki, Tepanyaki, several soups and salads and main dishes.

My boyfriend also ordered several nigiris and kanimaki rolls.

The place is decorated with authentic Japanese styles and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are some other photos to share.

Everything is NOMed

If you want check their website for the full menu.

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