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I’m a sucker for Fenris (DA2)

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This is what I get for not reading the companion information from the bioware sites before making my character.

You see, I played a Female human mage back in Dragon Age Origins and I felt the history was more deep like that. I was doing a second try with a Female human fighter and… well, its good, but it doesn’t has the same weigh as the mage.

So, I heard that the main character on Dragon Age 2 was actually distant family of the mage on DAO. I took that in consideration and keep the tradition for the mage. I made my female mage Hawke with some physical similarities.

But enough of that, this is about ROMANCE.

After hours of playing yesterday I was wondering who would I be romancing. So far I know you can go after Aveline , Merril, Anders and Fenris… and I have heard Varric is also an option but thank god I haven’t seen any flirt lines show up yet. xD

I had gotten almost all of them by night, except for Fenris. I was wondering if I should go ahead and check Anders out, but he’s… “too mage” for me. I don’t know, I like to balance things out. Magic+Melee if I can.

Anders seems like a good guy, but then I finally found Fenris. He’s not your usual DA elf, that’s for sure. And then…. BAAM. He hates mages.

*rises fists into the air*

This reminds me when I started to court Alastair. I heard you could marry him and be queen with him… but then I realized I couldn’t because I wasn’t a noble. At the end, I stood at his side and I felt that was good enough for the moment, which is the reason why I started again with a noble human to try to get him. lol

But let’s back to Fenris. He seems exactly the type of character to balance my Hawke. At the end of his introductory mission you get a final conversation. I got +5 rivalry at the end of it. “F*ck no” I said, I wanted to get him in the good side.

I loaded the autosave, tried again a different combination of lines…. +20 rivalry. I gasped in horror.

I spent an -hour- trying to get back that small +5 and I COULDN’T. I gave up and left him at the best I could: rivalry +10.

When I went back and talked to him, I managed to get +10 approval. At least that was done.

Right after that, I had to go to the Gallows. Oh shit. He starts talking about the Circle. I try to choose the “neutral” answers because I have Anders with me… but he still gets rivalry. GAAAAH! I give up and let Anders get angry.

It wasn’t a big loss as I have both at the same level of approval. I’m thinking I might have to take Anders out of the party and bring Marril.

Back in Dragon Age, my party consisted on Alastair, Morrigan, Wyne and Me. We killed -everything- and I was under the impression that I would need a similar party structure: Melee/Tank, Controller/Damager, Healer/Damager, Damager/Healer.

I’m under the impression that my party here will be 2xMelee (Fenris/Carver), Ranged (Varric), Damager/Healing(Me). Let’s see how that goes.


  1. Sam says:

    Just an FYI rivalry isn’t a bad thing. Unlike in Dragon Age: Origins, characters won’t walk out on you if their rivalry gets too high. Instead they may get other benefits. Varric, for example, will have improved accuracy if he’s a rival. And you can still have romantic relationships with characters who are rivals.

    P.S. Aveline is not a love intrest. Isabela is.

    • Soulnova says:

      Thank you Sam! I confused the names. Yeah, I got that bit of info on rivalry too, still, my Hawke wouldn’t go around sleeping with a rival just because he’s hot…. maybe. ;)

  2. Linnea says:

    From what I understand, you just want your characters as high as you can get them on either side of the spectrum. I’ve gone onto youtube and seen some pretty passionate scenes for a rivalmance with Fenris.

    I’m totally going for it. <3

    • Soulnova says:

      Hahah yeah, that’s right. I personally feel Rivalry romance as kind of weird. Hell, I just wouldn’t sleep with someone who keeps getting me angry. My Lady Hawke is a light hearted Mage with an altruistic goal and she loves her family the most. I only used “hard answers” when someone was treating my family. “You touch them, you die.” >:(
      With Fenris she felt she needed to reach out to him for all the wrong magic had done to him. Its a shame there’s no sexy scenes like in DAO here. :( I certainly would liked to see that, hehehe.

  3. paulaH says:

    The kissing was so much better in DA2 but the actual sex scenes were better in Origins. They need to combine the two and woot! We have lift-off!

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