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Triops from Thailand!

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Back around Christmas, I decided I wanted some more Triops eggs. I wasn’t sure my first batch had laid any eggs as I couldn’t recognize them on the fine sand. I ordered from worldlovepets on Ebay. They are from Thailand so I feel like my triops are kind of exotic even if its the same longicaudatus type.

Anyway, Mexican customs and the postal service suck hard so the package took about 2 months to arrive. By that time, Ebay didn’t let me give feedback to worldlovepets. So, I’m here to tell you he/she seems like a good seller, although his/her english is very basic.

The package came with:

  • About 40-50 triops eggs inside a capsule, inside another plastic waterproof capsule, inside an aluminium envelop.
  • Small spoon
  • Pipette for food
  • Powder Triops Food

(I’ll add some pics I got from these items)

I haven’t tried it yet as I still got the other triops alive and well, but I would certainly recommend you check them out. They are pretty cheap and had free shipping international. If you are like me and can’t get Triops where you live at an acceptable price, this is a good option if you don’t care to wait a little (I’m sure Mexico’s postal service is as bad as it gets).





It seems worldpets is now only selling triops wholesale.

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