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My sweet Fenris! <3 (SPOILERS)

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It seems like I’m half way through Act 2 and Fenris came to Hawke’s estate to tell her he couldn’t stop thinking about her!! *awesome* After they spent the night together Fenris has flashbacks of his life before but they are also gone quite fast. He angst over that and tells you if things are going to be like that he can’t stay. Even then, since then he has a red bracelet showing you successfully romanced him. I just got to the part where my mother is killed and he comes over to say he’s there for me. *hugs*

Anyway! I’m glad how the romance is turning out as I’m a mage.

Tips for romancing Fenris as a mage:

  • Save every time you move to another area. You never know when a cut scene will appear.
  • If you know you are getting a mage related quest keep him away if you are planning to help mages. Otherwise, just go for responses that go like “All mages are corrupted”, “All mages should stay in the circle”, “Kill mages”.
  • At night  go to the elven alienage and you’ll find a sack with a book for Fenris. There’s only 2 gifts for the characters in all the game. :( I miss all the trinkets from DAO.

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