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How to fight Arishok as a Mage

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You better be ready to summon your mabari at the first second of the fight. Sure, is not a heavy dealing damager as our sweet hound back in DAO but at least it will help you do a little damage over time. Then…


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Run around the pillars and wait for an opening.

I specialized on fire and ice attacks so if you are doing the same, be sure to cast Winter’s Grasp every time he makes his horrible, horrible Charge. That will hopefully slow him down enough to give you time to cast Firestorm AROUND A PILLAR.

Start running around the pillar again.

If the Winter Grasp is not ready when he starts going again for a Charge, try to cast Tempest, again around the pillar and keep your distance at ALL TIME.

He will get you eventually, so be ready with the Health Potions or Heal spells.

I should have re-spec my spells with Arcane Shield and Rock Armor but meh, I forgot completely about that. Certainly good spells to have in this battle and don’t worry about the mana, you’ll get it back while you run.

Do not stop to fight if you are not full HP and just run if you are hit.

I managed to do this on the second try but it was really, really hard and took me a while. About 5 or 10 minutes to finish the fight. If you have any other suggestion, please share it in the comments!


  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting this – I beat him on my first playthrough as a dual-wielding rogue and had to do something similar. Run around the columns until he was stunned from doing his charge move, run towards him, backstab him and quickly run for my life again if I couldn’t stun him. Rinse repeat.

    For my second playthrough, I’m debating being a mage so this will help A LOT. Normally, I’m a warrior or a rogue and it will be much much different.

    • Soulnova says:

      Hehehe, you are in for a long battle, that’s for sure! Something similar happened to me with my first battle with the Ogre. He killed everyone and I had to run in circles from him and the darkspawn. In the game I just made sure to put the difficulty on casual and it was way easier. If there’s any input you want about the mages, I’ll be glad to give you personal advice.

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