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Another tsunami Hero story… Best Friends…

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I just found out about this. It’s quite bittersweet.

The rescuers and journalist came across a dog on Ibaraki. The dog woul try to get their attention and eventually led the people to his injured dog friend. He stood besides him after all this destruction. Both were rescued and seem to be taken care of.  Check the video on the link. :’)


5:35PM GMT 16 Mar 2011

Reporters came across the animal whilst filming the destruction wreaked by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast Japan.

The pair were rescued by vets from Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.

The tan and white spaniel was taken to a shelter in Mito while its injured mate is being treated by a vet in the same town



  1. Ray says:

    To whom it my concern,

    I saw the dogs pn tv yesterday and my heart was broken, the same thing with the people of Japan. Anyway! i’m just wondering if the Dogs owners are alive or around? If not! I’d like to adopt both of the dogs here in the Unite States. I hope you guys have more information with the dogs or if they need a home or something. Thanks.

    P.s. Contact # (443)823-2429

    Ray Harris

    • Soulnova says:

      Hello Ray, I really doubt the dogs owners are alive. Both dogs were supposedly taken to a shelter and vet on Mito:

      An unconfirmed report states the two dogs have been rescued. Kenn Sakurai, whose Facebook page describes him as the president of a Japanese pet food company who is helping with the rescue of animals.

      Reports on Facebook that the two dogs have been rescued: “We have already got these dog … Both dogs brought to Mito, Ibaraki. One is staying at the vet clinic and the brown and white one is at the shelter,” he wrote.

      Look for him on Facebook. He has a profile pic of him and an Akita dog. I can’t open Facebook because I’m at work. Good luck.

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