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Dragon Age 2 Xbox 360 Review SPOILERS (7.3/10)

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So….  I finished the game last week but I hadn’t had the chance to write the review. Beware the spoilers!!!


Battle: I had just played DAO a week before DA2 and I have to say I really didn’t feel many changes on the way the battle worked. They put together most potions into a single type and the requirement of hitting A to hit your enemy repeatedly. I must say, sometimes the game didn’t seem to recognize there was an enemy on screen and my Lady Hawke just waved her staff around. It was fine. 9/10

Dungeons: I facepalmed. I truly did. The second dungeon seemed strangely familiar to me and I attributed to the same type of area.. “caves”, “basements”… but in the third one I realized the true. It was the same areas, just in different positions. Some not even that. That was TERRIBLE. And i’m not even someone who puts much importance on graphics! After a while I just gave up grueling over it and just kept playing along. 5/10

Music: I never really put much attention to the music. It was really relegated to the background with very few exceptions. Scenes with the Arishok and Boss Battles. DAO had much better composition. 7/10

Options: I must say I felt a little let down with the options available for Hawke. I could say certainly all kinds of stuff back in DAO. You would say mostly the same with different tones and what you told them to do wouldn’t matter. They would end up doing the same… ie Anders, the stupid little mage. I really, REALLY wanted to either:

  • Tell Orsino and Meredith they both were crazy and leave
  • Kill them right in the spot.

In short, it was not what I expected. Even Mass Effect had more consequences than this one. 7/10

Romance: I knew from the very start I would romance Fenris. Even if he was one of the last characters I got on Act 1, I gave it a shot with Anders just to see how would he react to my advances and… damn, he seriously has issues. It cost me a lot to earn Fenris trust because, let’s be honest,  “rivalry” romance is not realistic.  Eventually, Fenris opens up much better than Anders although it was kind of annoying when he rambled about mages,magic,blood,demons. Ok, Fenris I get it. I’m on your side.

The only female character I ever got close to was Merrill, but seriously, girl, you’re too naive. I certainly wanted to slap some sense into her when she started doing the mirror. And Isabella… nah, we are best friends forevah. C’mon girl! Let’s talk about Fenris’ undewear. <3

If you go for Anders, just be ready for a great trolling.

Overall the romance I experienced with Fenris was nice but it seems like I missed the move in scene at all. I really don’t know why.  To be honest, this relationship seemed more on the passion side of love more than the love-love. Alastair will forever be my king. ;) 9/10

Story: Uhm… the story was good. But I just felt way better having a “clear” goal when fighting DAO. Darkspawn–> Archdemon. Here it was… making money, go into the underground, then do whatever the city folk and the viscount asks me to do… finally kept each Templars and Mage from riping each other throats… which didn’t work out at all in the end. Huh.  It was certainly a let down. The Arishok had a better built up for his battle than the final Act. What’s with that? D:

Also, I was lucky enough to read spoilers earlier in Act 1 on how the Templar-Mage conflict was going to develop and it certainly saved me from feeling stupid for siding with every other blood mage on Kirkwall. It also made easier my romance with Fenris as I would pick neutral and templar choices when dealing with mages. Overall, it could have been better… way better and epic, but they didn’t. It surprises me from Bioware after what they managed to do with Mass Effect 2.  At the end there’s only one outcome. Mages revolt and templars get separated from the Chantry (derp?) no matter what you do. The only effect you could say is who stays alive in your party. :( 7/10


OVERALL 7.3/10

It was nice to play but I certainly wont be playing it again soon. I prefer to replay DAO for many other endings. I really hope this at least will have some sort of consequences on DA3.

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