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The Sims Medieval – Review

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My boyfriend had gone to buy some microsoft live points from Gameplanet and he came into the game. He bought it for me and it was a nice surprise.

I have to say this is -NOT- a The Sims 3 game. It might have the character creator but there are several great differences between the two titles.

First of all,  this is not a simulation game per se. It has some RPG characteristics like job levels,  equipment, fights.

But anyway, let’s start with the character generator. They made and amazing job to make most of all option kind of realistic. I was gladly surprised on the details. And you can have Pointy Ears!! I’m guessing that was the main reason they never released the option on the The Sims 3. They were waiting for TSM to come out. :P

The hairstyles are… enough, I guess. They wanted to keep true to the medieval style, but I feel some of the haircuts from Sims 3 could have been imported without much problem. Braids and loose hair.

One of the turn downs I got is that there is no make up available.  I really wanted to give some color to the Monarch or the Bard, maybe even the spy, but I wasn’t able to.  Pity.

Depending on the job of the sim you’ll have a different set of clothes for him/her.  You still can create your own style of colors and textures for them.

The FINALLY got a random name generator. Thank god for this. No more looking through name list or third party generators to come up with a nice name.

Here you only have two traits and a “fatal flaw”.  A fatal flaw is a handicap you give to your sim. I’m rather disappointed on the few options in this regard.

Once you got your Monarch (first sim) you are given the task to pick a quest in order to play. You can only play with your sims as long as there’s one quest active. There are quests that only certain job class can take and there are some other quests with different approaches to finish it (kill crazy wizard -Monarch, befriend and save crazy wizar – Your Wizard).  As far as I have been able to play you can get up to 2 sims at the same quest (main character and a supporter character).

You only have two bars to take care for with your sim: hunger and energy. You can hunt, fish or gather seeds to make food. Is recommended you do this regularly as eating the default food with give your sims a bad moodlet.

The buildings are not customizable. You can’t build walls or any other castle as your heart’s contempt. You can furnish them instead.

Your sims will be able to marry and have children on their own. Sadly, they only grow up to be kids and they stay like that forever. They don’t grow up. In fact, if your character gets killed you need to make a new one, you cannot replace him/her with their children. That was a let down.

You must check on the stats of your kingdom and take on quests that make them better (culture, health, knowledge, security, etc).

THERE’S NO CUSTOM CONTENT.  -Argh- this is inadmisible for a Sims game!!!

Overall the game has been entertaining to the point I spent 6 hours in the first sitting.  It has much potential and I hope  they’ll adress this on the following patches.


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