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The PSN is killing me softly

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Wow. I can’t really believe what’s going on with the Playstation Network.

On the 15th we had a terrible, terrible event. The orange lights of death. My boyfriend was really sad when they told him the PS3 was a goner. It served us well, for more than 4 years. We got it when Uncharted was about to be released, as we were waiting for MG4 (as most of PS3 users at the time). Lucky for him, the 18th was his birthday so he asked his mom if she could help him buy a new Slim PS3.

We got to the house actually very excited to try the new system. Downloaded the update but when he tried to sign in to the PSN to retrieve his user profile… nothing. Error. He thought he might have forgotten the password. He had the old PS3 with auto sign-in so it had been a while since he used the password for anything. He asked for a recovery email… but it never arrived. After a couple of hours I tried to enter the PSN website to create my own profile. No use… the sign in window would load for a while and then show the “down for maintenance” notice.

“Well, that sucks” we simply though and brushed it aside. We had been unlucky. This happened on the 19th. On the 20th, I tried again to enter the site, first in the morning, then twice in the evening. Nothing.

“That’s not right” That’s when I started trying to see if anyone was having the same problem. I found one or two threads on other forums, but nothing clear. Some people were sure the server would be back up in a matter of hours, but then I realized there was some rumors Anon was behind it, again. We finally got some answers after days of waiting and what we learned was not amusing.

My BF was pissed at Anonymous but I had to point out the outage was Sony’s decision. I’m guessing one lone hacker or a small group might had compromised credit card information from the PSN and they had to take the whole thing down as there was no other way to stop them. Just like with Geohoot, I’m guessing they found a hole so big and obvious that no one had realized it was there, and now the pandora box was open.

It would be the only reason why they seem to be re-building the whole security system from scratch…

On a side note. I need some help from a savy PS3 user!! I wanted to know if we could backup the data from the old PS3. We took the hard drive out and we were wondering if we could use another PS3 to backup our saves to an USB drive. I heard some rumors that if you take the Hard drive the system will erase your information when you put it on the new PS3. Is this true? :P

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