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“Chimpanzee” or I hate you Disney for making me watch this

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Oh yes, I watched the trailer just yesterday. I was certainly uninterested as I was playing EVE online and my boyfriend tapped me in the shoulder. “You gotta see this” he said with a strange smile.

I raised an eyebrow, docked my ship and walked over his PC. The youtube video was on pause, the title read “Chimpanzee – Disneynature”

“Oh no. I hate monkeys, you know that” I gave him the look.

“C’mon, just watch it”

I sighed and put on the earphones.

Yeah, monkeys… I hate monkeys. Flinging their poo around, making faces, screaming… yes, yes, they are playing. Meh, normal monkey family. How is this suppose to be a movie? I can watch that in Animal Planet whenever I-… ah, he’s alone now. Ok, I see where this is going. He’s going in a quest to find-… oh shit! I never heard of THAT! And this is real footage? … aw crap that’s… soo… heartwarming… *sniffes*… stupid monkeys. :'(

I looked at my boyfriend as he has done a terrible offense. He had a big, big smile on his face. “:D”

“Yeah, ok… :’|”


Soooo…. next year I might see a bunch of monkeys in the cinema. Great.

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