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Looking for players!

Hello! Thanks for passing by! I talk about subjects like space, games, RPG's, anime, triops and Mexico!

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Adventures in Whitefall

Come around boys and girls! I’m helping my DM to get players for our ongoing D&D 3.5 campaign, called  Whitefall.

Whitefall is a continent full of magic and technology. We have airships and other kinds of “magi-technology”.

Our main plot is about the rise of some sort of ancient gods. Add to the mix a Devil Lord and its cult and you now have the recipe for an epic tale!

At the moment we are doing some side quests while our main DM is having a break. So this is a great opportunity to jump in. We are looking for people who can post once a day or every other day so you don’t get behind and feel lost.

We have a wiki you can look for some basic information.

The Campaign is played in this thread.

And the sign up/OOC thread is here.

We wait for you!!

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