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Equine Ranch (personal) Starter Guide

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I have been playing Equine-Ranch for a week now and I believe this needs to be posted. Here are give you some guidelines you can follow to get you started on how to use the USER INTERFACE. After creating your account and log-in…

  • Go to Ranch Operations (Upper Left Corner of the window) >>> Horse Acquisitions >>>> Order Custom Horse
  • You can order up to 3 custom horses (recommended to start with one single horse to see how it goes)
  • Select your desired breed and accept.
  • Go to Ranch Areas >>> Main Ranch >>> Pasture 1
  • Click on the name of the horse. It will open the main page of the horse.
  • You can see 6 tabs here and a picture of your horse: General, Training, Health & DNA, Competition, Sales, Breeding
  • In Tab:General you can change your Horse’s barn name (nickname, not official name)
  • Go to Tab:Health & DNA and select all the possible tests you can make to the horse. You can open the DNA Guide for further information by clicking Ranch Operations >>> Reference Guides >>> DNA Guide. Read it throughly.
  • Go to Ranch Areas >>> Vet and Farrier
  • Shoe your horse to avoid a higher rate of injury on training
  • Make all the tests available for your horse.
  • Go to on Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Areas >>> Management
  • Click on Salary and Sessions Setting
  • Change it to $7,500/5 sessions. This will give you 7,500 ERD everyday at midnight and allow you to do 5 actions in a “game day”. Each Real Day is a “Month Game”. Each Month Game has 30 “Game Days”. You can interact with up to 5 horses with the 7,500 option (that’s enough to start with all your import horses).
  • Let’s change the quality of your horse feed. Go to Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Areas >>> Feed Room.
  • It will show you the kind of feed your horse is eating. Is recomended to place all your horses on Super Premium Chow, they will help your horses to grow stronger and healthier although it is the most expensive option. Premium chow is decent too.
  • Go to on Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Areas >>> Management and click on Register Brand. Here you can make a small abreviation that will appear on your horse’s shoulder when you Register them. (look at the instructions there)
  • Now that that’s taken care of, is time to read all the files in the knowledge Database:

You will find most of the help files scattered around and some have the same name. Read them all. Most of them are barely a paragraph long. You will be required to read that before people will give you more advice on the Commons (forums).

If you wish to register your horse in the game with an official name, be sure to re-read the DNA Guide and compare it with your horse’s DNA because you will need to know the color of your horse before hand. Ranch Operations >>> Reference Guides >>> DNA Guide.

  • Enter this thread for a guide to know how to identify the color of your horse
  • Compare the horse color list of this thread with your horse
  • Once you have done that and have a guess of the color, go to this thread and see if you got it right.
  • Once that’s settled, go to E-R Registry >>> Registrations >> Register a Horse >>> Select your horse.
  • Remember, Paterns are white markings on your horse coat, Roaring means a combination of two kinds of colors(like the spray tool on MSPaint) all over the body, and Rabicano is just some points on the body.
  • You can choose to brand your horse with your personal brand.
  • WARNING, you cannot change the name or color of your horse once its registered. Also they will charge you more if the horse is older. The younger the better.

Once you have read the Knowledge Database, you can decide if you want to breed your horses or start training training them to use them for Events later. They don’t know anything so you need to teach them from the beginning.

  • They should be on the Pasture 1 but they need to be on a Barn to interact with them (also known as Sessions).
  • Go to Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Areas >>> Stabling Arrangements
  • Move all your horses to Barn 1 and open each name on a different browser tab.
  • Click the Training tab of the horse and decide if you want to train them or groom them (groom them if their health goes down and to get a better coat).
  • You can only choose one per game day for each horse.
  • After all your horses have been sessioned for the day, open an additional window with the game  and click on “Next Day >>”. It will make your horse’s sessions rest and be able get trained/groomed again. with each horse on a different window, you can make a good time training them in order and then click again Next Day to start the cycle again.
  • It will take you some time (several real days) to train your horse and each horse is different.
  • Read the training messages carefully and when all of them are mostly positive, you can “saddle break” with the button on the training tab and start with this new level of training. Eventually, you will be able to start training on a discipline and take part of Events.

When you finish the sessions for the Game Month (or you need to leave for the day), just make sure all your horses are put back into Pasture 1 before midnight! Some of their stats and health can get better with time like that.

  • To breed your horses, you need 1 breeding credit per per attempt to get your mare pregnant. You can check how many you have left on Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Area >>> Management.  Here you can also go to the Frozen Semen Inventory page where you can select to breed a mare. If you have a Stallion, you can go to his page and click on the Breeding tab and select to breed him with a mare or put him for stud. WARNING, to get semen samples from your horses, you need a Breeding License and a Mount to harvest the semen each of them is $10 (as in real money).
  • You can buy many other things on Your Account >>> Purchase items >>> E-R Store.  Here you can get more import credits, breeding credits, local stock credits.
  • Local Stocks are horses that don’t have a set Breed. Their foals will be always of the race of the other parent.
  • Also, you can edit your main Ranch Page on Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Area >>> Management. When people visit your ranch to look for your horses, this is what they will see.
  • If you need to leave for several days, make sure to hire a Ranch Foreman on Ranch Operations >>> Ranch Area >>>The  Bunk House and to reset the horse shoes. He will take care of your horses for the time you are gone.

And so the starting guide ends. This will give you the most basic knowledge to start playing. Please, any further questions should be addressed to the Commons or chat after looking through the Knowledge Database and searching the forum. Tip: On the google search box type: topic/keywords

Hope it helps!

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