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Wow, my cat -IS- getting old

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Almost a month ago, I took my cat back when my mom moved away. He had been staying at the bigger, fenced house for convenience and also because my boyfriend is a little allergic to cats.


Now, I make sure the bedroom’s door is always closed because I do not like at all fur in the bed sheets and clothes. It was easier back on the other house because I thaught him NOT to get to the second floor. He not always followed the rule, he would sneak up once in a while, but he knew he would get in trouble if we surprised him there.


Anyway, after four or so days of bad sleep because he was meowing outside my door, I decided to place him in the bathroom. You must understand one thing, he’s a house cat… a fat 10 year old cat. With my mom’s help we placed some chicken wire in the front iron gate of the house to keep him from leaving… the height is little ove 3 1/2 ft. That was enough to deterr him from trying to jump on the other house.


Yes, he wouldn’t jump that normally. He actually managed to jump on top of the washing machine. Seems like he felt he needed something to land in immediately after the jump. I don’t have a fenced frontyard… is more like a garden with a wall around it, an iron gate and 2 “iron windows”. The windows are the problem. They have a ledge where he could land and balance himself to get out, so I leave him outside just a couple of hours each day and I check on him regularly. I’m planning on adding chicken wire to the windows because he actually could feel compelled to jump to chase off other neighboring cats. You know what the adrenaline can make you do.


But maybe I’m just getting to paranoic. For the last few days he seems way more needy than usual, which is not surprising as there would be someone in the house most of the time, but now it’s just me and him in the afternoons.


He would come over and meow me, look at me and make the motion of preparing to jump. This means he wants to sit me so I can pet him. “Ok, jump here, c’mon” I tap my lap. His ears go up in anticipation, he makes a forward motions and puts his paws (with nails and all) in my lap and… pulls. And pulls again.


He can jump easily to the chair I’m sitting but seems like the additional 10 inches to my legs are not of his liking. I have to carry up his 20 lbs ass myself and place him on my legs. Yeah, he’s getting old. :|

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