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Into thin air in the blink of an eye

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About 5 or 6 years back, a new shopping mall open close to my house. The place had a City Club, cinemas, stores, bowling alley and a fast food court. It was everything we needed at the time and I was very happy to have it at walking distance. One of those days I was with my boyfriend and we were going to see a movie in there. We walked to the mall, outside the sidewalk of the City Club.

I remember it clearly: It was about to be 5 o’clock, from the other side there were coming a poor man pushing a shopping cart back to City Club and behind him a family of four, a young man and woman trying to control their two little bundles of joy. I thought nothing of them at first, but then, my boyfriend and I heard the screech of tires and car speeding away just besides us. We turned our gaze back to see if the guy who was coming was drunk or something. It was an instant worry that he would run us over of the family with the kids. The car passed us in a hurry and we realized something shocking had just happen.

The poor man had suddenly vanished into thin air, the shopping cart rolled alone and fell to the street. We both froze in our place. The family had paid no mind to the man infront of them as they were dealing with their 2 and 3 yo kids. They passed us without even looking at the cart in the middle of the street. My boyfriend and I stared hard where the man had been and then back to the shopping cart.

Finally I had the courage to say the words “Did he just…?”

“… Yes” he didn’t even need to look at me. It all had happen literally in the blink of an eye. He walked up to the shopping cart, and pushed it back in to the sidewalk where it could not bother the other drivers. We looked around trying to spot the man, but there was no one else around. We were beside the only other door… which was locked.

After a while we decided to give up as our movie was about to start. I always wondered what happened there, and the only two explanations I have might very well make people a little uncomfortable.

This is the place where it happened if you want to check it out. You can share your thoughts or experiences here.

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