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Halo 4 on the horizon!

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A week ago I went to Gameplanet and was surprised to see I could secure a copy of Halo 4.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, I couldn’t pre-order Skyrim until a couple of weeks ago and I still need to wait for Mass Effect 3. Is quite strange, but I’m starting to feel Halo is closing in to be the new “Star Wars”. It’s a freaking Space Epic.



Maybe is because I live in Mexico? Well, the thing is that I didn’t waste any time and pre-ordered the damn thing. And also the Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. Lately I’ve had a fever for -All Halo Things-. After reading Halo Cryptum I have a new outlook of the Halo Universe that I wasn’t really expecting.  Also, when I finished Ghost of Onix I was left with a silent scream in my throat because I was dying to know what happened to everyone after the Dyson Sphere.

The only thing that keeps me a little worried is the music. As far as I know, they changed composers and that really gets in my nerves. There’s just -something- on the way Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori worked in the music. Is a very disctintive essence. The first time I saw the Halo 3 Trailer, I was on another room and I heard just a couple of notes of the new OST and thinking “HALO”. I immediately jumped from my chair and ran to see the video because I couldn’t recognize the music from the previous OSTs. “IT MUST BE HALO 3!!” It was just that easy.

Seems like my dream will come true with the soon to be released Halo Glasslands. Its written by the main writer of the Gears of Wars books, Karen Travis. This woman knows exactly what she’s doing and gives a deep personality to everyone she writes. She was a journalist and she knows what questions to ask to know why someone is acting like that. The premise of Halo Glasslands revolves around the idea of the Human-Covenant postwar. Now that the main two races are in a tense peace, the humans send a “diplomatic mission” to try to “handle” the internal Sangheili (Elites) conflict in their home world.

My money, IT HURTS!In this black-ops
group is a failed Spartan candidate, a woman called Serin Osman.  Soo… what do you think it will happen with an almost-Spartan goes to have a visit to their old arch-nemesis’ world? *winks*

Either way, there’s ANOTHER book coming up on January, as a continuation to Halo Cryptum which it seems it will be heavily tied to the events of Halo 4. They are getting all my money…. ALL OF IT. D:



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