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Beth – Skyrim character concept #1

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Name: Bethelwyn Randimond
Race & Sex: Nord Female
 Main skills: One handed, Destruction, Alteration, Sneak, Bow, Light Armor

Appareance: Medium dark hair, green bright eyes, a little tanned by the sun.

Still too early to say what guild or allegiance.

Personality: Beth hates people who abuse their power. She will go to great lenghts to stop them and punch them in the face. She is kind of a loner and doesn’t like to stay on town for too long, simply because she thinks that by staying there you have to comply with every little stupid rule the owner of the lands wants to make. That’s part of “civilization” alright.

She loves to hunt deer and bandits, specially later. She resolves most of her troubles with a knife or a well placed spell in the face. She’s good, but harsh.

As you can imagine, she’s not a people person, and has big trouble trying to make friendly relationships. Even then, she longs for good company… and not “that” kind of company. She just want a hunting partner to kill big stuff. She cares not about sex or romance and just believes on a link between two people. “I have your back” means more to her than any gift or love confession someone can give her.

For that reason, she will kill traitors on sight. No second chances. If you cross her, you better run to the opposite side of the world because she will hunt you down.

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