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Over this year there has been big changes on one of my favorite science sites, Some good, some not so bad. But there are still those that make scratch my head wondering “what were they thinking!?”.

On Januray (if my memory doesn’t fails me), they did a total make-over to the layout of the site. It certainly looked neat but then I realized there was “something wrong” with the login. I couldn’t log in to post normally and there wasn’t a direct link to the forums. Some people complained on the comment section of the articles but soon after the forums were gone.

I was really sad because, even if I wasn’t posting, I loved to lurk the forums reading all the crazy (and not so crazy) theories some people had on different topics. After a while I managed to log back in when they activated the google, wordpress and twitter.

But now, they have done it again and all the comments are gone. Or is it that I can’t see them anymore? I don’t even see any kind of login button and now I can only share directly to face or my twitter.  So… what the hell?  Do you know of a reason why they would do this? One of the reasons I liked to come there was because I could comment the article with other people. Am I missing something? where have everyone else go then? Do you have a suggestion?

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