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Dragonball: The Obsession comes back.

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So, I haven’t been updating the blog for a while.  I can explain it, I swear!

First of all, it was my birthday; and while one might think I was too busy partying, the truth is far from that. I had been getting a little nostalgic over those weeks (me getting old and all that), so I asked my boyfriend to download Dragonball.

The whole series.

Dragonball Flying Nimbus

Look at him and tell me you don't want to watch it too!

What I wasn’t expecting is that old feeling filling me completely.  I was watching the series with a new light and in context of what the future was holding for Goku. I started to look at some of the fanclubs at Naruto forums  and joining the DB and Vegeta FC and, suddenly, I remembered something.


I knew about Dragonball Online for a while now, really sad that it had only been released on Korea and Japan. You needed a cellphone number to make an account. So most of us in the rest of the world were screwed until they released it in America or Europe. I made a quick search to see if there was any news and… I flipped.

Although the game hadn’t been released in America yet, there was a new server on Taiwan, one that wasn’t exclusive as the Korean. I didn’t lose any time and started downloading the game. I didn’t care if it was in Chinese. I had played Pokemon and Chrono Trigger in Japanase before so I was not that much concerned, specially since I was checking the information that most of the quests were pretty straight forward.

After some problems installing and updating the game (faulty internet connection messing up the process), I finally made it work.

I cannot start to describe the JOY of knowing they found a work around for people to become Super Saiyans. No, the Saiyans are not a playable race. We are Humans, but from the future, with a very little Saiyan ancestry from either Goku or Vegeta. To be able to transform, you have to gather the Dragon Balls and ask for your Saiyan blood to be awaken.

My reaction: FUCK YEAH.

Dragonball Online Soulnova

I just need a tail now. And Vegeta.

It was not long after that that I came stumbling into other information, specially that there were some spin off being published (by a woman of all things) and, the most important of all, that there was a new animated story about Bardock coming out. I squealed like a 13 year old Twilight fangirl. And then I squealed again when I learned that DBO’s timeline was mostly created by Toriyama and that Bardock is also alive there. Dear god, thank you.

So, this month has been full of old emotions resurfacing. Old loves and hates. And I still drool over Vegeta and swoon over Goku. You can’t blame…


YOU CAN’T.  :D~~

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