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Halo Glasslands: Review (SPOILERS!!)

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Well, I guess it is finally time to give a review of Halo Glasslands. I was pushing back the date but I believe there’s no escape.


So we finally get to see what happened to our beloved Blue Team in Onyx and good look of what’s going on within the Sangheili society. The story follows three main groups, what is left of Blue Team plus a small group of SPARTAN-III with Dr. Halsey and Chief Mendez, Serin Osman (a washout of the augmentations of the S-II program) with her ONI black ops team, and finally Jul ‘Mdama (a Sangheili who wants to rally what is left of their army to destroy the humans while they are weak and regaining strength (and kill the Arbiter who he feels has betrayed them).

Sadly for us, the author  (Karen Travis) has no idea of the deep character development one of the most important figures of the series, Dr. Halsey. You see, Travis reconstructed Halsey’s whole personality using psychological profiling techniques and “raw data” about her. As you can imagine that’s the perfect recipe for disaster if I ever saw one.  She turned Halsey into an annoying cold hearted bitch. Gone is her genius, her wisdom and profound guilt for what she did. Instead we have a woman who sneers at Spartans-3 like they were literally third rate and loses her temper in every possible way imaginable.

It got so bad that one of the S3 even lost it and punched her in the face. Not a slight punch to the cheek, but a full all out hit to the nose that left the arm of an augmented Spartan numb. Now, now, I know what you are going to say, “But that would have killed her!”, yes, I wholeheartly agree. The moment I read that I jumped out my seat cheering that finally there was going to be a plot twist. “Halsey will be in a comma at best or placed on a cryogenic pod until they can revive her. AND Travis can’t make her talk horribly”. Either way was a win win situation. I was flabbergasted when the elderly scientist stood up.  With a broken nose. *silent scream*

And then there’s also that part in the book where Halsey is literally compared to Mengele. I lost all respect for the book from there. You can’t simply change the personality and smear the reputation of a loved character on the Halo canon and not expect the community cry foul.

Other thing that I found annoying was the fact that the Elites were using human phrases a lot in such a way that I wanted to put an energy sword in their mouths.

The only characters that I found interesting where the Engineers and Philips. Take that as you will.

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