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EPN in Universidad Iberoamericana

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A little late, but still…

Students “kick out” Enrique Peña Nieto from University grounds. He had gone to make a speech and answered about a dozen questions before he needed to leave through the nearest exit…

La Ibero no te quiere! (Ibero doesn’t want you!) *Ibero is the mane of the university
Cobarde! Cobarde! (Coward! Coward!)
Asesino! (Murderer!)
Fuera! Fuera! Fuera! (Out! Out!)

Impressive. I don’t remember any candidate before that that had to leave because of such adverse reaction from it’s audience. It seems he answered some questions in a panel but then things started to get restless. People were bringing up sign against him, which his staff promptly took down, but they could not stop the tide… eventually there was nothing they could do. They were complaining specially for the 2006 civil unrest in San Salvador Atenco.

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the voice of angry men…

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  1. Felipe Bachomo says:

    This kind of events are happening more and more often

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