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I know this comes a little late but I had some trouble this month with work so I didn’t have the chance to write about it until now.

Simply superb. The Live Action introduction was just something so amazing that it makes me rage because we will never get a full movie like that. So much wasted potential.

Forerunner, Halo 4

I must say that I was left with a kind of awe I didn’t feel for a while for the franchise. Sure, Reach was very nice and let us had a glance at the Spartans III, but for those who read the books it felt a little off in some parts (certainly not as much as with Glasslands, but still). This Halo instalment promises a lot, specially after revealing the encounter with the Forerunner security guards. I’m not entirely sure those are THE Forerunners, but they are certainly related to them. If you look closely to the screenshots, you will realize they have “human” arms and mechanical arms, which are the ones they use to attack. Somehow they reminded me of the enemy designs from MGS4. Plus Megatron. LOL

Cortana, Rampancy, Halo 4

I was sure Cortana had not come unscratched from her expiration date, specially if the Origins I and II episodes of Halo Legends are any indication of that.  I haven’t read the short story of her fighting off rampancy but everything points out that she’s not over yet. They are saying that Chief will need to make some difficult choices and I’ll predict they will involve Cortana.

UNSC Infinity

Now, the Infinity.  Readers of Glasslands will know that the ship itself gives us a great, great possibility of the appearance of certain character on Halo 4. Let’s cross our fingers and see if it comes true.

People who read Primordium and Cryptum know that what is awaiting for the Chief, and humanity itself, might be their biggest test yet.  They better be prepared for lots of pain and revelations.


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