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~Enchanted Sunset~

Hello! Thanks for passing by! I talk about subjects like space, games, RPG's, anime, triops and Mexico!

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Enchanted Sunset is my ranch at Equine Ranch. I used to breed Andalusians but after a long hiatus, most of the horses died or got sick. Right now we are getting back on our feet, diving into the excitement of Azteca horses!

We got 3 surviving mares with Emidio on their bloodlines. Emidio was one of the foundation horses of my previous herd and I’m looking to try to keep some of his legacy on our new breeding program. We will work to try to have several grullas.

~Emidio’s Legacy~

Flaming Sun


By: Flaming Falchion
Out Of: Solis Aurei

Palomino Dun




By: Misty Mountain Sunset
Out Of: Thundering Glaive



A Liveship of Chocolate


By: Deckhand on a Liveship
Out Of: Whiskey For Chocolate

Smoky Black Silver


~Our New Herd~



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