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Book Review: Sunrise Sunset – Christina L. Barr

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I have to be honest. I stopped reading supernatural books a while a ago and I just couldn’t get back to the genre. The books I had were either too bland or over the top! I struggled for a while until I gave up and dropped them altogether. I decided to give Sunrise Sunset a try because I had read Christina’s other works and she had yet to let me down.

Right from the start you get thrown into the strange lives of these characters. The plot quickly evolves pulling you with lots of suspense. There are always questions lingering that makes you speculate a lot about what’s behind all these powers but you won’t see the ending coming. Chases, explosions, mysterious pasts, strange powers, hope, love, tears and blood, the books has it all and its all woven in a very entertaining plot. After this, I might actually have to start looking for new supernatural books.

I have to warn you! The book has its dark, cringe worthy scenes. You could say that the main villain is something out of a nightmare and you’ll certainly wish for sunrise to come as soon as possible. I really recommend you to give it a try.

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