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Corre con Luna (Werewolf: The Apocalypse, character concept)

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Luna, Red Talon

Lupus, Philodox, Red Talon.


  • Lupus:  35kg, 80 cm in height, red and orange fur, amber eyes.
  • Hispo:  300kg, 1.60 m, bright red fur, yellow eyes.
  • Crinos: 250kg, 2.40 m, orange fur, golden eyes.
  • Glabro: 100kg, 1.90 m, tan skin, black hair, dark redish fur, yellow eyes.
  • Human: 60kg, 1.60 m, tan skin, dark brown hair, black eyes.

Corre con Luna (“Runs with Moon”) was born in a Wildlife Reserve in Sonora (23° 25′ 37.00″ N  104° 7′ 8.15″ W). It is one of the few remaining Mexican wolves in the world. Her Garou father left the pack the season she was born and never to see him again. His mother and the alpha male who replaced his father are alive along with five brothers and one sister in the reserve. As a young cub she thought the moon was running with her, hence her name.

She was in frequent contact with humans that would check on them, pinch them, put collars and let them go again. It was very strange and annoying. Her pack tried to avoid them,  simply because they did not like their scent. They were not afraid of those humans in special. Her encounter with poachers made her see that there are two types of human and she would kill human hunters without a second thought.

Having completed her initiation rite, Luna returned to the reservation to ensure her pack was well. She met with them, and although she wasn’t accepted into their ranks, she kept them company for a time. Humans of the reservation seemed excited to see her alive. Now with much broader awareness, Luna realized that these humans watched over her pack ensuring their health and tried to prevent other hunters to enter their territory (not very good at it, by the way). She allowed them to put on her the collar tracker, but when they left, she ripped it off and buried it. Luna has done that every time she visits.

She is known for her playful personality, but when it’s time to hunt or fight she excels at it. Luna is 6 years old, and appears to be 18 years in human form. Luna is also reputed to be curious and asks a lot of questions, but ends up forgetting half of the explanations given to her.

She got a backpack as a fetish to carry small prey and objects more easily in her Lupus form.

Luna does not believe that the extremist ideas to exterminate all humans are practical. There are too many humans and some of them want to protect wolves. The ones in her reserve do what they can keep her family alive and healthy so she believes those humans deserve to live. She hates sport hunters and poachers with passion and will attack them at first sight.

She does not believe that the destruction of humans is the key to defeating the Wyrm.

Luna has never eaten human flesh and has no intention of doing so. She follows the litany best she can and thinks that if Talons do not follow the rules of the Garou, they are no better than the human hunters who do not follow the prohibitions imposed by other humans.

Her favorite food is hare or rabbit.

The Pack


Alpha: Velkan (Shadow Lord, Ragabash, Hominid)

Totem: Quetzalcoatl


  • Corre con Luna (Red Talon, Philodox, Lupus)
  • Worgren (Get of Fenris, Auron, Hominid)
  • Rasha (Fiana, Galliard, Hominid)
  • Heinz (Silver Fang, Philodox, Hominid)
  • Danka (Glasswalker, Theurge, Metis)


  • 97 vampires (Brujas/Gangrel)
  • Lots of Banes
  • Black Spiral Dancers
  • Pile of Corruption in the Umbra
  • Vazariel (demon)
  • Rustarin (Smei)
  • Lots and lots of vampires
  • Lord of Pestilence (5th Generation Vampire)
  • Beefcake (Werewolf Abomination)

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