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Should have listened

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Yesterday was a very strange day for me at our game.

You see, before going for our gaming session, I had some time at home while I baked some cupcakes for noms. And while they were in the oven, suddenly I thought… “Uhm, I should get the Jurassic Park theme in my cellphone for the game”. It was our Werewolf The Apocalypse game yesterday… but I had no reason to think of THAT theme in special. Why would I play a “dinosaur song” on the background? We are killing aberrations and spirits, not giant lizards!

Forward a couple of hours… my character got corrupted by some “evil spirit”, and the only way to cure her is to take her to the Umbra Realm of Pangea. Pangea.


I looked at my GM to the eye. “You gotta to be kidding me”

I ended up asking my boyfriend for his cellphone to connect to youtube and play it from there.  Next time, I should listen more closely to my RP sixth sense.

Also, I’m getting a little worried I haven’t seen any indication of Jurassic Park in 3D in any of the local theaters. I was really, REALLY expecting it to arrive soon.

by Gaby Lopez

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