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Soulnova’s Pokemon Fire Red Journey (Part 1)

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A week ago I decided I would get the 3DSXL and also the Pokemon X/Y down the road, and while looking at all the new features, nostalgia hit me in the feels and I started to wish I could play Red again.

As it happens, my younger brother inherited my old Game Boy Color with Red and Gold from me. I really didn’t want to play on emulators right now, but I wanted to have the real thing in my hands. It was then that I realized I could actually get Fire Red and still migrate my pokemon into HG and then B2, making it all the way to Pokemon X/Y. It might be a titanic effort to migrate them…

I have never played Fire Red but I heard it was a wonderful remake of the original and I’m willing to give it a try. I looked for it on Facebook and lucky for me, someone was offering it at a very good price ($20).

I had already finished HeartGold a long time ago, so I would need to complete the league in Fire Red and Black 2.

Am I up to the task?

There’s only one way to find out…


Pokemon FireRed Version

Gender: Girl

Name: GABY

Rival: GARY (Even the name!? You bastard!)

Starter – Charmander ♂- “Soulblaze”

First thing after defeating GARY and getting my pokeballs I headed east of Viridian city to get a Mankey ♀(“Queen”). I’ll be needing it’s Fighting moves for Brock. I also got a Pidgey ♀(“Skydancer”). At the forest, I loaded myself on pokeballs and went to look for a Pikachu for about hour until I got the little guy (♂ “Tesla”), because I fear Misty is going to kick my ass; heck, she usually did even if I got Squirtle (never really choose a Bulbasaur as a starter). Just to fill the team, I got a caterpie that really went nowhere.

Pewter City Gym – Brock –


  •  photo 4.pngSoulblaze  lvl 15
  •  photo 56.pngQueen lvl 14 (saved me a lot of trouble with Brock)
  •  photo 16.pngSkydancer lvl 14
  •  photo 25.pngTesla lvl 12
  •  photo 29.pngNidoran♂ lvl 7
  •  photo 10.pngCaterpie lvl 5

Brock was fairly easy thanks to Queen and I’m on my way to Mt.Moon.

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