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Soulnova’s Pokemon Fire Red Journey (Part 2)

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Got some nice new pokemon, though I really doubt I’ll be using them for the moment:

  •  photo 39.png♂lvl 3
  •  photo 46.png♀lvl 12
  •  photo 32.png♀lvl 7
  •  photo 35.png♀lvl 10

After crossing the Mt.Moon, getting the Dome Fossil and arriving to Celurean City, I decided to boost my pokemon, specially pikachu, to take on Misty. I also got an Abra♀(“Zatana”) and immediately trained her up to Kadabra. I also got a low level oddish♂(“Raditz” …  low level… heh) just in case.

Once I defeated Gary, crossed the bridge and won all other Bill, I decided it was time to give Misty a visit.

That didn’t go so well.

Water pulse wrecked the low Sp.Def of my pikachu and from then on destroyed the rest of my party. I had to train more… A LOT MORE.

I grinded until I got the following:

  •  photo 25.png Tesla lvl 19
  •  photo 64.png Zatana lvl 18 with Thief
  •  photo 43.png Radditz lvl 15
  •  photo 5.png Soulblaze lvl 18
  •  photo 56.png Queen lvl 18
  •  photo 17.png Skydancer lvl 18

This time I sent Pikachu first to take on Staryu. That was done rather quick. When Misty was about to send Starmie, I switched with Kadabra and spammed Thief until she was taken down. Afterwards I sent Oddish and used Poisonpowder; it worked wonders AND gave me the chance to heal Pikachu. Oddish couldn’t withstand the following attack and left the way clear for the electric rodent. Just when the round was ending, both were pokemon in red numbers and Starmie died because of the poison. It was after all, a very happy ending.

Onto Vermilion City!

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