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Soulnova’s Pokemon Fire Red Journey (Part 3)

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Went directly to the Diglet Cave, I’ll be needing that ground type to face the gym of this city.

  •  photo 50.png Terra ♀ lvl 22

I was looking for the higher level Dugtrio but I had no luck to find it after an hour. Meh, I can do with this one. I need to get some new pokemon soon to be able to get the Itemfinder… from the Aide.

I headed to the SS Anne and using a combination of Zatana, Terra and Tesla to wreck other pokemon. After defeating GARY and getting HM Cut I decided to try to evolve some of the low level pokemon I still have around like the caterpie, clefairy (monstone), etc. I used the Vs Seeker to rematch the trainers at Route 25 and level up some of them because I need 30 different types for the aide to give me the itemfinder.

Now… I think I might have over-trained Terra just a little before defeating Lt. Surge:

  •  photo 50.png Terra ♀ lvl 26
  •  photo 25.png Tesla lvl 23
  •  photo 64.png Zatana lvl 23
  •  photo 5.png Soulblaze lvl 21
  •  photo 56.png Queen lvl 22
  •  photo 17.png Skydancer lvl 23

Now it is time to head into the rock tunnel!

Planning for End Game party:

  • Charizard
  • Primape
  • Lapras
  • Raichu/Jolteon
  • Kadabra
  • Open spot: Pidgeot/Dragonite/Dugtrio?

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