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Soulnova’s Pokemon Fire Red Journey (Part 4)

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Oh god… the Rock Tunnel. Zubats, Zubats everywhere.

As a funny anecdote, the first time I played Pokemon Red, I didn’t got Flash until later. I crossed all the goddamn tunnel in darkness. I was following the walls until I managed to find the exit. Dear god, the patience I had was simply baffling.

Got my pokemon healed, explored the tower a little and fought my rival. Nothing great. Headed to Celadon to get my first badge but first I cleared the Team Rocket Hideout. Before that, I made sure to get Eve and evolved it to Jolteon, same with Tesla to Raichu; checked their stats and decided to keep Jolteon. I have always liked this stage.

This is the team I used to face Erica.

  •  photo 50.png Terra ♀ lvl 30
  •  photo 25.png Thundering ♂ lvl 27
  •  photo 64.png Zatana ♀ lvl 34
  •  photo 5.png Soulblaze ♂lvl 36
  •  photo 56.png Queen ♀ lvl 28
  •  photo 17.png Skydancer ♀ lvl 25

Things went smooth with Soulblaze and Skydancer.

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