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Soulnova’s Pokemon Fire Red Journey (Part 5)

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It’s been a while since my last update so I’ll try to make things short.

After defeating Erica I made my way back to Saffron city and into Sliph Co. Things got heated with Gary even after defeating all of the members of Team Rocket on the building, but I managed to pull it off. I immediately switched Snorlax for Lapras (“Nessie” ♂), and gave the little guy the Exp.Share. I fought Giovanni and saved the Head of Silph Co.

Next stop was the Pokemon Tower where I got rid of the remaining Rockets and saved Mr.Fuji. Now with the Poke Flute, I went directly to both Snorlax and caught them. With my way cleared, I decided to take Route 16-17-18 to train my Dugtrio and Kadabra for Koga. I used the VS Seeker to fight the first batch of bikers again and I headed towards the Gym.

Koga and his minions weren’t much of a problem. There were a couple of times they would get a lucky hit on Zatana and kill her, but overall it was fairly quick.

I flew to Saffron city again, and trained Zatana even more to face Sabrina. Soulblaze was an extremely good assistance. With that done, I spent a while on the Safari, catching some nidorino and nidorina, a chansey, a duduo, a dodrio and a rhyhon.

I crossed the sea and found myself on the Seafoam Islands. I couldn’t remember my way around so I eventually arrived with Articuno by accident. I hesitated. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to catch it. My pokemons were around lvl 38. I saved and I attempted to fight him, but he was too strong and I couldn’t take his HP down quickly enough. He killed 3 of my pokemons before long and I decided to just restart from the last save.

Once on Cinnibar Island, I decided to have a little help with a guide to navigate around the burned mansion. Blaine wasn’t even a challange. Lapras killed his Arcanine while being 10 levels weaker than him.

It was time to fight Giovanni one last time. By this time, Lapras was a force to recon. I used Kadabra to get rid of NidoKing and Nidoqueen, while Lapras just curb-stomped on all his other pokemons. Not bad for the new kid, huh?
And so I made my way to Victory Road. I hate caves, a lot. :(

I finally reached Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four. Sadly, I was well overpowered by my first encounter with Lorelei. Thundering wasn’t strong enough to kill her pokemons in 2 moves so she just kept using hyper potions. :P

Looking at the guides, I realize I need to have my Jolteon at least on lvl 55 so he can take down Gary’s blastoise.

I believe next time, I’ll update until I defeat the Elite Four. Time to grind!!

  •  photo 50.png Terra ♀ lvl 43
  •  photo 25.png Thundering ♂ lvl 48
  •  photo 64.png Zatana ♀ lvl 46
  •  photo 5.png Soulblaze ♂lvl 44
  •  photo 56.png Queen ♀ lvl 42
  •  photo 17.png Nessie ♂ lvl 45

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