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Soulnova’s Pokemon Fire Red Journey (Part 6)

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I wanted to grind some levels with the rest of my Pokemons but decided to level up by defeating a couple of the Elite Four.

I slowly made my way through Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha and then I came face to face with Lance. I was actually surprised I had managed to get this far. I looked at my bag… 7 Revives, 2 max revives and 1 ether. Would I be able to pull this off? I wasn’t exactly expecting to defeat him, but Lapras Ice Beam and Jolteon’s Shock Wave made the trick.

And then, it was time to face Gary with 2 revives, 1 Max Revive and the following team:

  •  photo 50.png Terra ♀ lvl 44 (DEAD)
  •  photo 25.png Thundering ♂ lvl 51
  •  photo 64.png Zatana ♀ lvl 49
  •  photo 5.png Soulblaze ♂lvl 48
  •  photo 56.png Queen ♀ lvl 42
  •  photo 17.png Nessie ♂ lvl 47

Thundering managed to kill Pidgeot with two Shock Waves.

Nessie also one shot Rhydon with a couple of Surf. TWO DOWN!

Exeggutor managed to withstand Soulblaze’s fire attacks and used a Full Restore. No problem, on the next couple of turns, Soulblaze took him out.

Blastoise made an appearance but I couldn’t bring him down. I tried to use Nessie’s Perish Song, but Gary switched out.

Kadabra… Kadabra was actually a problem. It hit hard and fast. Zatana wasn’t enough and was taken out. I tried to use physical force but even then, Future Sight managed to kill Nessie and Thundering. I used Soulblaze’s last Blast Burn and that was enough.

Arcanine… I used a max revive with Nessie and tried to keep using Soulblaze until he was taken out. Used surf and the fire dog was no more.

Blastoise again. The final battle.  Taking with Nessie, I revived Thundering and used an hyper potion with him. Nessie was taken down eventually and I switched in my electric pokemon. He kept using Hydro Pump and I kept using Hyper Potions. He would have to run out of PP of that move, by far the most powerfull. Then, he used Rain Dance, tried to use Hydro Pump one last time and missed. Then he started using Bite. It was time.

With X Special on Thundering, I kept Blasting him with everything I had. And so, Blastoise was finally defeated.



Although I  still need to get Articuno, Zapdos, Moltress and Mewtwo and explore the other islands, my main Pokemon Fire Red Journey has ended.  And it was worth it!

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