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The Future is Bright Part 2

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My niece (8yo) and I watched Cosmos (2014) again yesterday. It was the first episode, but this time in Latin Spanish. She was very insterested on learning how the planet was made.

Again, there was a point in the episode when she made a question. “Wait, wait, why is the planet around the sun? Why are the other planets going in circles around the sun?”

“They mentioned Gravity, do you know what gravity is?”

“Nu-uh” she shook her head confused.

“Gravity is a force that attracts other bodies. The bigger they are the stronger it gets. The sun is sooo BIG that it keeps the planets and meteors around it. We keep the moon around us like that…”

“Oh… OH! I SEE! Wait- I’ll show you!” she stood up and hurried to get a newspaper sheet, a small tv controller, a cat toy and a small bottle of medicine that was lying around.

“What are you looking for sweetie? Do you need help?”

“Uhmmmm… No. Wait. I think this is all I need. Ok!” she unfolded the newspaper over the plastic armchair. “Hold that end of the newspaper on that arm, I’ll hold this end on this other arm so its, like, smooth and tensed”

I remember tensing up myself. I was starting to realize what was she up to.

Then she picked up the biggest item (a controller) and placed it on the middle of the tensed newspaper, and slowly and carefully placed the smaller ones around it. They would roll or slide closer to the controller.

“Is like this, right? Like, it makes space go like, this” she motioned a curve “…So, the other things, like, fall in closer to the big one. Like space was a fabric”

Like space was a fabric


This. She described me this:





Needless to say I was left speechless for a couple of seconds.

“Y-Yeah, it kinda does like that!” it was hard to hold back my excitement and shock.

I’m so freaking getting her the full season of Cosmos in Latin Spanish whatever  it costs. I need to help her with math… she has problems with math in school.  But I only see her once or twice a week, at most! Oh God, Neil, what the hell should I do!?

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