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Skyrim – “It’s The Final Countdown!”

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For Heaven’s Sake! @0@

I’m dying to play this epic game. All the demo journals are just amazing and hype me even more. GAH. I really don’t know what to specialize in the game. I did want to make a Nord, just like my character in oblivion, but all the kinds of attacks seem incredible and I just can’t take my pick yet! Sword and Magic? Yeah, it seems like my kind of play

My last game in Oblivion ended up with a Heavy Armored Stealth Mage.  Heh, yeah, I know. I was trying to have a jack of all trades and I managed it with some success. I did like stealth but I just preferred to cast Chameleon and kill stuff left and right.  This time around seems like I would have more fun by getting away from the guards. With that I might make a second evil character, hahaha.

In the mean time, I don’t know what else to do. My boyfriend just got Arkham City and is playing all day so I won’t be able to try it until the end of the week I guess.  So… looking for a RPG world where I could do lots of stuff free, I re-downloaded Mabinogi. And I bought a Premium Card.

It has been almost two years since the last time I played and I must say I was surprised to see so little people around. Tir Chonaill used to be somewhat populated but now, I have only seen a couple of people running around. There’s some people on the Quiz Event but beyond that my replay has been quite lonely.

Ahh, yes, I almost forgot about himAfter entering with my old character I realized I had forgotten most of the commands and strategies, so I had to create a temporal new account to check on the tutorials again. The tutorial system was certainly improved and I found myself breezing through the first dungeon at low level… I remember been unable to do this on my own the first time and I had to ask to join other parties. Now that there was one around to help me, it came in handy the temporal horse they are giving to everyone.

I will definitely be buying the Shire Mount and maybe next month I’ll get the Labrador for the space. Let us hope this will be enough for a time before I can get my hand on some sexy Skyrim. I just can’t wait!!

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